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  • February3 2014 - Due to the MtGox breakdown, we now take the bitcoin price from Bitstamp instead.
  • August9 2013 - A small optimisation of the page code has now solved the bug where the league options would disappear and pages also load 0.2 sec faster on average.
  • July5 2013 - Our affiliate is now running and fully tested. Please sign up through the affiliate link in the footer.
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Welcome to Exalted Items - A Path of Exile Items Shop

Exalted Items is a Path of Exile web store that sells PoE Items such as, currencies, orbs such as Exalted Orb, gold, Kaoms Heart, Mirror of Kalandra. Exalteditems.com is a Path of Exile shop that will help you stock up on anything that you might need in the game.

We also let you buy Poe Items with Bitcoin. Let your computer mine bitcoin when you are sleeping and enjoy the items you can buy with them when you play!

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer crypto currency. A big network of computers and users keep track of who own how mush of the bitcoins. Persons in the network that contribute computing power for the cryptography process are rewarded by winning Bitcoins. The processing power you can contribute with is generally up to how fast GPU you have on you graphics card. If you have a fast computer, you can have your computer mine up to $5 worth of bitcoins over night, or when you are at school. We accept Bitcoin payments and one single bitcoin is worth over a hundred dollars at the time of writing.

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Hey, Exalted Items.

Im quite satisfied with your service on this webpage.
I like that ive only had to wait a few minutes to receive the order of 16 exalted orbs.
I have tried like 3 other webpages and they havent been able to deliver. :)
They just said sorry, and refunded my order.
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